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Bucketlist Adventures Tour

An Amazing Camping Adventures take you through the royal way to his lost kingdom 5 days trip adventures. 5 stunting places you should visit: Preah Khan Kompong Svay, Beetree Cambodia, Kos Ker Temples, Ruin Temples and Amazing Sunrise at Preah Vihear temple. 

Camping the of mid of the jungle! Ride your own Style!

Monthly Depart from Siem Reap!!!  

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Bucketlist Adventures Tour

We will take you to the mid of Cambodian cultures through many amazing places, beautiful countryside views and peaceful though with our friendly people. 5 stunting to visit: there are rich of cultures and histories. 

We will stay in the mid of the lost civilization jungle from the advance people Beetree Cambodia at Kompong Svay. 110km follow the royal to Preah Khan Thom temple, we will pass by several beautiful villages and amazing trails inside rain forests. Fun trails technical included!

2nd morning zipline at Phnom Tnout with Beetree hosting by the wonderful Amecian family who work for forest consaverstion. 115km ride to Kos Ker temples through the rubber planatation,trails, some roads to the comnmunity forests.

We will have a great adventures day to camp inside the ruin temples that lost in the remoted villages and cover by rain forests. Espcail night musci retreat camp fire all night long.

We will follow the royal way to his lost temple then we take you eat and visit Tmat Poy forest conversation.

overstay at Saem inside Preah Vihear Boutique!

Sunrise at Preah vihear then we take shortcut follow the rural villages and some forest technical ride to Siem Reap. 

Arrive in Siem Reap around 5pm! 

End of tour!!

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