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Rice Fields and Rural Villages Tour

Discover the hidden gems of the Cambodian countryside as you embark on an exhilarating bike tour. Immerse yourself in the charm of traditional wooden slit houses and picturesque villages that dot the landscape. Our knowledgeable guide will tailor the tour to your preferences and skill level, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Whether you're up for a leisurely 20-kilometer ride or an adventurous journey to explore the lesser-known areas of Siem Reap, this tour promises to unveil the best-kept secrets of this enchanting region. Get ready to pedal your way to unforgettable memories amidst the untouched beauty of Cambodia's countryside.

Start From:
30 USD Per Person

Everyday- Half Day Tour 7:30am – 12:00pm and 2:00pm – finish at sunset. 28 km.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure and discover the captivating Cambodian countryside on a thrilling bike tour. This exhilarating journey will take you through traditional villages adorned with charming wooden slit houses, offering a glimpse into the authentic rural life of Cambodia. With the guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable local guide, you'll traverse the most picturesque tracks, immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of lush rice paddies and vibrant villages. Witness the daily activities of local villagers as they go about their lives, creating an unforgettable cultural experience. Indulge your senses at the bustling traditional market, where you can savor the tantalizing aromas and flavors of local delicacies. Keep your eyes peeled for the remarkable endangered water birds that inhabit the incredible Tonle Sap Lake. To enrich your journey further, we'll visit a local Pagoda, where you can marvel at the historic architecture and exquisite artwork. As the sun begins to set, we'll return to town, cherishing the memories of this extraordinary adventure. Join us and pedal your way through the untouched beauty of the Cambodian countryside, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

This tour Includes:

  • Mountain Bike all sizes, helmet
  • Water, snacks
  • English speaking guide
  • 1st aid kit
  • Bike spare part
  • Free Tuk Tuk transfers

Not Includes:

  • Travel Insurance.
  • Gratuities (optional).
  • Personal Expenses.

Detailed information required

  • Height in Centimeters (arrange bike size)
  • Hotel Name (for pick up)

Important: Please note that you need good shoes and no flip flop

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