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Siem Reap Cycling Tour 3DAYS

Please do not hersitate to email if you are a solo rider!!

Day 1. The Jungle temple of Beng Mealea 65km on a country dirt road, to enjoy the views of the rice paddies and several beautiful villages.

Day 2. Trails of the Kulen Mountain 50km amazing views and ride the off beaten tracks in the mid of forest good for advance mountain bikers. 

Day 3. Angkor Sunrise 25km through beautiful single tracks and trails of the lost civilazation inside Angkor Park forest. 

Start From:
400USD Per Person.

Day 1. The Jungle Temple of Beng Mealea 65km

We arise early and after breakfast we will leave at 7am, for the transfer in an air conditioned minivan, from our hotel to our office to size and check the bikes. We will then ride for 15 minutes paved roads on the way out of town. We will then ride 35km on a country dirt road, to enjoy the views of the rice paddies and several beautiful villages. As we travel through the villages we will stop at a family house on to understand how the locals live or drop in at a school to play with the children during their break.

After this visit we will stop for 1 hour at the beautiful Pagoda, with our guide, to explain the tradition and culture in the countryside, before we do a big ride along a single track road, through the hidden plantation.

When we exit the plantation, we will arrive on a paved road and we will ride 15km to the homestay. 

After checking in at the homestay, when we are all suitably refreshed, we will enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Around 3:30pm, after lunch, we will visit 2 small lost temple, Prasat Reyyum and the pyramid temple, both are off the beaten track and it’s a rarity to encounter any other tourists in this area. We will find ourselves in the midst of the ancient advanced civilization of the Khmer Empire. These two hidden gems are very peaceful with a wonderfully quite atmosphere, a far throw from the likes of Angkor Wat, which makes you want to stay forever.   

We will then continue our journey towards to Beng Mealea, passing by the Royal Residence, where our ancient King Suryavarmen II lived and worked on his construction project for more 10 years. We arrive at this Temple at this time as the other tourist are already leaving to head back to town. The temple will become the secret playground of our childhood dreams. 

We will depart Beng Mealea before sunset for the 1 km ride back to the homestay. On arrival at the homestay, the owner Pov will prepare the food to cook for us for dinner, at an open traditional Khmer kitchen. Please feel free to help or learn from her sumptuous traditional recipes. We believe that you will enjoy these amazing traditional delicacies more than most restaurants in town.     

After dinner we will be able to relax with our host family and listen to their incredible stories!

Day2. Trails of the Kulen Mountain 50km

We arise early for the second day ready for breakfast at the homestay, it will be a delicious traditional Khmer style breakfast (rice soup, salty eggs, Khmer omelet and dried fish from the lake). After breakfast we will transfer, via air conditioned minivan, for 30 minutes to South Kulen Mountain. We will visit the 1000 year old Hindu legend, carved in stone on top of the mountain. We will ride 1.5 km to the summit and also ride down by bike, with some technical trails through the virgin Kulen jungles to the secret lost civilization of the Kingdom of Jayaverman II.

When we reach the bottom of Kulen Mountain, we will then ride 20km, with a 430m attitude rise, on a beautiful dirt road to visit the bat cave (this has over the ages experienced a mix of Hindu and Buddhist worship). We will also encounter the elephant pool, which is 1200 years old constructed in honor of the Hindu God (Shiva), which has intricate stone carvings of elephants and lions). A long the way we will enjoy amazingly scenic hilly forest views. This ride will be fairly technical with sand, stone and dirt trails. This is definitely a bucket list life experience.    

After arrival at the waterfall, we will enjoy a delicious lunch, from a full Khmer menu choice!

We will stay at the waterfall for 2 hours to swim and relax, and by 5pm we will ride down the 12km from the mountain, then we will transfer, via air conditioned minivan, 45km back into to Siem Reap. We arrive at the hotel for a 6:30pm check in, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner of your choice.

Day3. Angkor Sunrise 25km

We will rise around 4am for the transfer, via air conditioned minivan, to the Angkor Wat Temple Complex for sunrise, after witnessing this awe inspiring (weather dependent) spectacle, we will then visit the Temple Complex with our guide, who will be more than happy to answer any questions. We will then have breakfast right in front of this unique temple, at a local restaurant. After breakfast we will start cycling towards the South Gate, and ride though the main entrance of Angkor Thom City, we will marvel at the incredible architecture of the temples and wonder how they were erected, through to the Ghost Gate (off-road). We will then arrive at the Bayon Temple and ride through the Terrace of the Elephants, to witness this incredible area that used to stage military processions. After visiting the Bayon Temple and the Preah Kahn Temple (under the trees) we will ride along a single track road to Ta Nie Temple and Ta Phrom Temple (Tomb Raider Temple), and then along to Sra Srang, where we will stop for lunch, at a local restaurant. After lunch we will then transfer, in an air conditioned minivan, back to town (8km).

Thank you for choosing Camouflage Adventures Cambodia, we wish you wondrous journeys onwards.

This tour Includes:

  • Mountain Bike all sizes, helmet
  • All Meals during the tours 
  • Water, snacks
  • English speaking guide
  • 1st aids kit
  • Bike spare part
  • Entrance fee to Kulen Mountain. 
  • Free Van transfers & Airport drop off 
  • 2-3 star hotel & homestay & Camping

Not Includes:

  • Travel Insurance.
  • Gratuities (optional).
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Temple pass

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